That’s Edutainment! Useful Content Comes in Amusing Packages
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That’s Edutainment! Useful Content Comes in Amusing Packages

I remember first hearing the phrase ‘edutainment’ sometime back in the early 90s. It was used in reference to the number of children’s software titles becoming available for home PCs (home PCs– how quaint!).

Fast forward about 20 years. Edutainment is word we should be paying attention to again, this time in the context of Content Marketing. Wikipedia defines edutainment as content that is designed to educated as well as to entertain. Something the best Content Marketing should accomplish.

That’s Edutainment! Eating in Japan on $100 a Day for JNTO:

Edutainment can be funny. Dramatic. Thought provoking. Incendiary. It can be served up as a video, podcast, blog post or even an ebook. Edutainment content is ideal for getting your brand on people’s radars. They may not be ready to buy. But they can learn about your brand, product, service or category via content that they find amusing, unique and sharable. That drives page views, followers, fans and shares. And those things fill your purchase funnel with prospects.

Edutainment content is something your team should be fired up to create. It is a chance to truly exercise creative license, be interesting and get people engaging with your brand. But remember, Edutainment is not necessarily about the hard-sell. That comes through other facets of a comprehensive Content Marketing program.

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May 21, 2013

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Posted On : May 21, 2013