Case Study: U-Line Search Marketing

Helping a luxury brand become more relevant and easier to find for it's customers.

U-Line taps Budding Culture for an entirely new approach toward making their website and digital footprint more findable and relevant, drive brand awareness, and build leads and transactions though SEO and PPC marketing.

U-Line is pioneering technology and design leader in the growing category of premium under-counter refrigeration. They’re instituting major changes in the ways we preserve food and beverages and challenging the whole idea of “big-box” refrigeration with compact modular refrigeration concepts.

U-line tapped Budding Culture to help them re-evaluate and re-deploy their SEO and PPC marketing methods. The goal; to make their website, and entire digital footprint, more relevant and easier to find for their affluent customers, to drive brand awareness, and build leads and transactions.

Budding Culture developed a suite of PPC search marketing strategies to maximize the visibility of the U-line messaging and products. We helped them tap a broader sector, and entirely new categories of searchers through Google keywords, display networks, and retargeting campaigns. We also developed and optimized new landing pages to maximize U-Line user experience and conversions.

Budding Culture also worked with U-Line to determine the best natural search opportunities, and to develop a roadmap of specific tactics to optimize and amplify their website and blog content as well as their navigation, code, and link strategies. all to take advantage of those opportunities to improve search rankings, relevancy and user experience across existing, and new keyword categories, alike.

Budding Culture’s methodical implementation, observation, analysis and ongoing refinements have helped improve U-Line’s PPC lead generation volume by over 947%, conversion rates by over 230%, and reduced cost per lead by 218%. The new U-Line website is on trajectory for tremendous and sustained improvement in natural search. Both in terms of search rankings, and quality traffic.