Case Study: The $100/Day Travel Ninja

Changing perceptions about the affordability of traveling in Japan

The $100/Day Travel Ninja promotion was developed to give users a unique way to explore the more affordable sides of traveling in Japan.

A Facebook app gave travelers a daily budget of $100 and challenged them to create a 7 part itinerary, including three meals, sightseeing and exploring, nightlife and a place to lay your head. It’s a fun way to explore the more affordable side of Tokyo.
After taking the $100/Day Challenge, a personalized itinerary was shared on the user’s Facebook page, and they were entered into a drawing to win a trip to Japan. Mimicking a real-time day spent exploring Tokyo, a new postcard from their itinerary would appear on their timeline throughout the day, inviting friends to join them on their virtual trip, resulting in an exponential increase in fans for the Visit Japan Facebook page.
To help promote the campaign we enlisted the help of a popular YouTube personality, Joe Hanson, to explore Tokyo on $100/Day. Between our videos and Joe’s own “Joe Goes Japan” videos, Budding Culture helped spread the word over multiple social platforms including Facebook, YouTube, Reddit and Biertijd for over a million views and counting.
When listing affordable travel destinations, you’d probably get a few pages deep before reaching Tokyo. We needed to help the Japan National Tourism Organization find a unique way to reach out to more budget conscious travelers, and prove to them that Japan can be a lot of fun on a limited budget.

To help budget-savvy travelers learn about affordable ways to explore Japan, Budding Culture created the $100/Day Travel Ninja campaign. The campaign centered around a Facebook app that challenged the user to create their own $100/Day 7-part itinerary. Once users successfully completed the challenge, they were entered to win a trip to Japan. The app shared “postcards” from each of the 7 parts of their itinerary on users’ Facebook timeline, inviting friends to join them.

To promote the campaign we enlisted the help of YouTube personality, Joe Hanson of the popular Joe Goes series. With nothing more than a microphone and $100/Day in his pocket, Joe demonstrated how much fun travelers can have exploring Tokyo on $100/Day.

With the promotion spreading over a broad range of social media channels including Facebook, YouTube, Reddit and Biertijd – the $100/Day Travel Ninja promotion has garnered over a million views so far – Bringing in thousands of new, passionately engaged fans, while helping develop an ongoing daily dialogue about the unique and affordable adventures to be discovered in Japan.