Case Study: Epson Real Estate Solutions

Epson focuses on small business, one vertical at a time.

Budding Culture used great story telling and rich, relevant content to help Epson directly engage and inspire the real estate industry.

Epson Real Estate Solutions Landing Page

The Epson Real Estate Solutions landing page acts as a portal to three areas of the industry, some of the challenges within those areas, and the solutions Epson provides to support real estate professionals.

Commercial Real Estate

Each individual category focused on a unique challenge for real estate professionals, and a set of case studies, tools, tips and techniques from Epson. The Commercial Real Estate section focused on wide format printing solutions for signage, floor plans, etc.

Case Videos

Each category has it’s own case video using actual real estate professionals and their experience using Epson products in the office, and in the field to help them perform at their best.

Case Studies, Tips, Tools and Techniques.

Each category had it’s own set of sharable content for real estate professionals to explore including success stories, how-to guides, related templates and featured products.

As an ever-evolving world increasingly turns to digital documentation, there are still entire industries that rely on the printed page. Epson enlisted Budding Culture to help create ways to directly engage and support these unique verticals as a solutions oriented partner.

Initially targeting the Real Estate Industry, Budding Culture created an online resource supporting three key areas of the trade; commercial offices, residential offices, and agents that work primarily from home.

Users found mini-documentaries, case studies, user-guides, featured products and useful templates. Everything for the agents and offices that rely on desktop printing for promotional material, diagrams, contracts and document to help them thrive in a highly competitive industry.

Focusing on rich, relevant content, Epson experienced an increase in upper funnel prospects to their website by an astounding 500%. Five times greater than traffic prior to the campaign, at a cost that was just 20% of their average outreach budget. But what does that mean to the bottom line? How about a fantastic 20% of the site visitors went on to shop relevant Epson products.

… Reaching our customers is easy – all it takes is a media budget. But engaging with them isn’t easy at all. For that, we need powerful stories and exciting content. That’s what we get from Budding Culture…

Edward John Freedman

Epson America, Inc.