Marketing’s Middle Child: The Forgotten Mid-Funnel
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Marketing’s Middle Child: The Forgotten Mid-Funnel

FULL DISCLOSURE: I am a middle child, so this is an issue that I feel particularly strong about.

As marketers we value bringing in new prospects and leads for our organizations. And of course we are often judged and rewarded based on how many of those leads actually convert into sales. So it would only make sense that effective mid-funnel marketing—the tactics and strategies used to nurture warm prospects and convert leads—would be a priority for most marketers.

Surprisingly, that is not the case. Mid-funnel tactics are often the most complex, involving detailed web content, well-thought-out email drip campaigns, and nuanced calls-to-action. Just the thing most time-pressed marketers do not have the bandwidth to effectively create. In addition, effective mid-funnel marketing demands expertise in multiple disciplines including video, copywriting, marketing automation, database management etc. And that expertise demands budget that may or may not exist. Finally, mid-funnel marketing doesn’t have the visibility with senior management and staff that either lower-funnel sales converting initiatives or upper-funnel flashy campaigns have. And that’s too bad. Because solid mid-funnel marketing efforts may be the one thing needed to turn your marketing efforts into a lead-generating juggernaut.

So, how to best elevate your mid-funnel marketing efforts?

First, take inventory of your marketing content aimed at nurturing prospects and converting leads.

Does your company have content like customer testimonials, buyer guides, category leader POVs etc. that are worth sharing with these folks? If not, creating this content is and finding appropriate places for it to live is where you want to start.

Second, can you segment your prospects database into warm leads, or lapsed leads that are still worth communicating with? 

They may have enquired about your products or services within the past half year. Or maybe they’re sales leads that have lapsed and been back-burnered. Creating targeted email lists of these names will give you a ready-made audience for your mid-funnel efforts.

Third, are there any offers you can make towards these lapsed leads and warm prospects?

Offers could entail a special promotion on a product or service. Or they could be an offer around your company’s expertise, presented as a free consultation.

Finally, create targeted email drip campaigns for these folks.

Now it is time to feature your mid-funnel content and offers and begin mid-funnel marketing in earnest. Be sure to monitor your performance to see how many of these prospects and leads are converting.

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August 25, 2016

Posted On : August 25, 2016