Marketing with a Belief System
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Marketing with a Belief System

At the end of the day, you want to work with people that have a belief system. By that I mean an ideology, a point-of-view, or a passion for a way of doing things that governs the decisions they make and why they make them.

Why you might ask? Because believing in something means you are less likely to be swayed by just anything. This is particularly important for marketers. We are confronted by newer, cooler tools and techniques everyday. We’re urged to embrace the latest memes, platforms, hastags, etc. We’re constantly under pressure to be part of the most happening conversations.

It’s easy to lose our focus under this sort of pressure. Here a belief system can guide us and support our decision making. So at this point you may be asking, just what does Budding Culture Believe?…

We believe marketing has made some huge leaps in recent years.

We believe marketing has changed because people have changed –

  • We work more
  • Play harder
  • Multi-task
  • Observe and mine data

We believe that we live in a society of Seekers – people searching for and finding the information we are looking for.

We believe that people value and share ideas and information that they love.

We believe our approach to digital marketing – Instigating shared passions with lovable content.

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September 16, 2013

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Posted On : September 16, 2013