How to Seek Out Growth Channels
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How to Seek Out Growth Channels

Digital marketing has certainly evolved (and hopefully improved!) for most of us over the years. And if you are like the majority of savvy marketing folks out there, you’ve already discovered what combinations of channels and tactics work best for your business.

Maybe you find that a combination of Google Adwords and promoted posts on Facebook drive a steady stream of qualified leads to your business. Or perhaps email nurturing is an effective way to turn leads into sales for your business. Maybe your company finds Instagram is the perfect place to showcase your products in order to generate buzz and interest. By now, most companies have a few tried-and-true tactics to turn to for digital marketing success.

The problem is that the digital marketing landscape is ever-evolving. If you are just sticking with the tried and true tactics, you’re missing new opportunities to connect with audiences in new, meaningful and effective ways. Smart digital marketers know they should always be seeking out new growth channels to enhance their repertoire of tactics. It could be a growing social media platform like Snapchat, or a music platform like Spotify. Maybe it is experimenting with native ads, as an alternative to display advertising.

But how?

For one, always set aside a portion of your budget for experimenting with growth channels. It could be anywhere from 5-25%, depending on how well you can quantify the opportunity. 10% of your budget is a good rule of thumb.

Also, don’t try too many new things at once. Every platform deserves the appropriate time and attention to get it right. Rather than embrace 4-5 new platforms with unique requirements at once, manage your experimentation by trialing 1-2 new platforms on a monthly or quarterly basis. It’s always best to scale your efforts to your financial and manpower resources.

Thirdly, create a running list of potential growth channels you would like to experiment with. Create a list and develop a set of vetting criteria for the growth channels your are considering. Criteria can include:

  • Growth channel’s ability to connect with our prospects
  • Growth channel’s compatibility with our messaging and CTAs
  • Ability to use existing creative assets
  • Ability to meaningfully trial with a small budget over a short period of time
  • Ability to track via appropriate conversion metrics

How do you experiment with growth channels as part of your digital marketing mix? Feel free to reach out and let us know via the comments section or social media.

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April 28, 2016

Posted On : April 28, 2016