How Content Strategy can be Your Competitive Advantage
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How Content Strategy can be Your Competitive Advantage

While it is certainly trendy to talk about content marketing, how many marketers see it as just that—talk. The hard truth is that to be successful, content marketing requires changes to how you plan, collaborate and develop a strategy across disciplines.

The benefits of having a content strategy are hard to ignore:

  • It ensures you establish important goals, have metrics in place to measure them by, and keep everyone on your marketing team on task.
  • It forces you to ask the tough questions when formulating your marketing plan. And as a result you get the answers you’d never have otherwise.
  • It creates brand consistency.
  • It helps build brand loyalty.

The following infographic from Salesforce Canada does a wonderful job of articulating the benefits of having a content strategy:

How Content Strategy Makes it Possible to Run Circles Around the Competition

Via Salesforce

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November 28, 2015

Posted On : November 28, 2015