Find Your ‘Interesting’ & Make it Shine
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Find Your ‘Interesting’ & Make it Shine

With so much competing for our attention, it’s become harder than ever for companies to break through with their marketing messages. Creating mountains of content, participating in social media chatter and insuring our website is optimized to engage prospects takes time, effort and money, and still that only gets us in the game.

Being ‘interesting’ is what elevates our efforts, helps us get noticed and sets us apart. We follow the happenings around interesting people (both good and bad). We want to be part of interesting events. We admire interesting brands.

If being interesting is so important for marketing success, it only makes sense for companies and brands to define what makes them interesting – to prospects, fans and customers.

So what’s your ‘interesting’?

The one question that is rarely asked yet is critical to successful content marketing.

Hard to answer, huh? This is truly an elephant in the room sort of question. But trying to articulate what makes your company interesting will lead to many marketing breakthroughs. Start by answering how your company adds value beyond what is expected. Or how customers see your brand as special or unique. Ask your sales people. Your customers. Your marketing team. Ask the boss. Do you have alignment?

Once you’ve defined your ‘interesting’ find ways to bring it to life through marketing. Nurture it. Build stories around it. Celebrate it.  Make it a strategic component of your content creation and marketing outreach. ‘Interesting’ is the marketing gift that keeps on giving!

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October 15, 2013

Posted On : October 15, 2013