Divergent Verse Convergent Thinking
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Divergent Verse Convergent Thinking

One by-product of being in the business of ideas is that you become extremely attuned to how people  interact while thinking. How we brainstorm and problem-solve has a direct role in the quality of the ideas we put forth and the marketing programs we ultimately create.

And while different world-views and ways of thinking make us dynamic, how we utilize our brain power needs to be somewhat aligned – or else conflict, friction and unproductive meetings will ensue.

I’m talking specifically of divergent thinking verse convergent thinking.

Divergent thinking is a thought process or method used to generate creative ideas by exploring all possible avenues and solutions. We typically apply divergent thinking while brainstorming. These sessions are most successful when everyone is comfortable, loose, relaxed and unafraid of free associating and exploring.

Convergent thinking is the opposite of divergent thinking. Convergent thinking is when we apply structure, logic and criteria to our ideas. Typically we use convergent thinking when trying to narrow down, focus and determine the best possible ideas. Convergent thinking helps us prioritize and agree on the best possible solution or approach.

When coming up with ideas, it’s important to distinguish whether your meeting is centered on divergent or convergent thinking. If not, expect inter-personal friction and conflict, as people become frustrated with each other due to differing agendas/approaches. Clearly articulating the objective of an idea-focused session will go a long way in aligning brain power and fostering some real ideation synergy from your agency or marketing team.

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September 22, 2013

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Posted On : September 22, 2013