The Content Marketing Success of Michelin and More
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The Content Marketing Success of Michelin and More

As long as there have been companies, there has been content marketing and innovative ways to improve a brand’s community. That’s evolving, too, as companies have taken advantage of influencers who generate their own content, to use it as marketing, too. Luckily, brands can take inspiration from both ends of the spectrum in order to create their own content marketing plans.

For example, Michelin sells tires, so what relevance does that have for travel review? Well, a lot, as it turns out, which is why Michelin created its rating system for restaurants as well as general guides. What started small has grown to a worldwide collection of information that helps travelers around the globe find information that can help them create better, more interesting trips.

What that initial guide did was help Michelin think differently and in the process reposition itself as an expert in an associated field. How can other companies use that example to build their own content? This graphic can help:


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How to Follow the Lead of the Most Powerful Content Marketers

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Posted On : June 1, 2017

Posted on

June 1, 2017