Content Marketing and Thought Leadership
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Content Marketing and Thought Leadership

Showing thought leadership is usually one objective for companies that embrace content marketing. Particularly in the B2B world, where organizations tend to be closely scrutinized as part of the purchase decision process, showcasing thought leadership as it pertains to products or industry can prove very persuasive.

I came across this great piece on thought leadership from the Bloom Group, a firm that provides thought leadership guidance to IT firms. Specifically I was impressed with their 8 Criteria for Thought Leadership Guidance:

  1. Relevance – Addressing a burning issue for your target audience
  2. Novelty – having a fundamentally new way to solve a problem
  3. Depth – Possessing substantial knowledge about the problem and how to solve it
  4. Validity – Proving your solution works through real examples of companies that have solved it your way with measurable benefits
  5. Practicality – Demonstrating you have a well-thought-out approach to solving the problem and understand how to overcome the obstacles to adoption
  6. Rigor – Having hard-to-dispute logic about the problem and the best way to solve it
  7. Clarity – Communicating the point of view in words your target audience understands
  8. Coherence – Having frameworks or models that simplify the problem and/or solution

Now I think it is fair to say that not all content needs to deliver equally as effective on all eight criteria. What a company shares on twitter may need to be relevant above all else, whereas an ebook explaining a new product or service offering needs to reflect all eight criteria. That said, this list is a great guide to pull out when developing a content strategy where communicating thought leadership is important.

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July 30, 2015

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Posted On : July 30, 2015