Budding Digital Marketing Trends for 2017
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Budding Digital Marketing Trends for 2017

2016 was a doozy, huh? Between self driving cars, the Cubs winning it all and fake news it’s been a hell of a ride. So we thought we’d pony up a few solid, real world digital marketing trends and tips to help supercharge your marketing and lead generation to make your 2017 YUGE!

Produce more niche content.

Despite the negative reactions to “fake news,” we’ll continue to see the deluge of content published online—which stands at over 2 million blog posts per day. And while the vast quantity has certainly lowered the quality overall, folks are narrowing  their search criteria to filter out the vague, broad and unfocused junk. So the more specific, niche, focused and qualified your content is, the better chances of your intended audience finding it. And while this takes a bit more planning and effort, delivering the most useful and relevant information to your prospect will give you a strategic advantage over your competition.

Email, email, email. . . did I say email?

Email continues to generate the highest ROI across all digital marketing channels. So why not let 2017 be your year to better integrate email campaigns into your broader marketing efforts. Use marketing automation tools to better leverage your content, personalized message to the user and gain the interest as well as nurture your prospects and customers. Commit to applying disciplined email marketing best practices like:

  • One call to action per email- think short, focused emails with a single clear purpose. You’ll get more click through and conversions;
  • Avoid spammy, marketing-centric subject lines. This will help you avoid spam filters, increase open rates and make a good first impression. To help, here is a list of words to avoid published by Hubspot.

Make more videos.

50% of people are more likely to read an email that include links to a video. Four times as many would rather watch a video about a product than read about it. People are increasingly mobile. And mobile users love video. Take a few of your content ideas and deliver them through video. Small and short is ok. Lower production value is ok. Just get out there and do more. Experiment with video for Snapchat and Facebook to instigate and engage. Tie the video to relevant calls-to-action and deeper content to pull a prospect down through the sale funnel.

Engage in all areas of the funnel.

Big data and attribution modeling have made shambles of the relative media swim lanes, cadence and consumers journeys through the sales funnel. 2017  will be the year digital marketers commit to engaging prospects days, weeks and even months before they’re ready to convert. The days of the last click PPC attribution models and a one-stop approach to ads and calls-to-actions are gone.  A  broader “audience marketing” approach is needed to drive better results. Look for more holistic strategies across multiple channels—In 2017 savvy marketers will seek to build relationships with prospects early on, leveraging all areas of the funnel to build trust and loyalty. So our core marketing principle of treating the content funnel as the sales funnel has never been more relevant and a guide to where and how to allocate valuable marketing resources in 2017.


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December 29, 2016

Posted On : December 29, 2016