Autumn: The Reflective Season
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Autumn: The Reflective Season

Autumn is getting into full swing across much of the country – and much of the Northern Hemisphere for that matter. The lazy heat of summer has come and gone and children are back in school. It is a time of scurrying to get work done, scrambling to make annual goals, and prepping for year end holidays. The pace of the season is brisk.

There is another side to autumn that I particularly enjoy. The leaves change, the weather starts to cool, the air becomes crisp and invigorating. It is a favorite time of year to get outdoors and enjoy nature. As the foliage takes on vibrant hues, hiking, cycling and drives through the mountains all have their perks. As nature puts on its seasonal finale, it is a great time to step back, take in the scenery and think about nothing in particular…

I always enjoyed autumn as a time to step back and reflect. Beyond the hustle and hassles, and despite the hectic pace, making time to keep perspective on things just feels very healthy.

As marketers, its easy to get lost in the rush to get things done. We lose sight of the big picture. Our brand, the value we create, our true purpose as a business. We get so wrapped up in the tactics that we sometimes miss the bigger opportunities.

That to me is the lesson of autumn – The time of year when we are in the biggest rush, is also the time when stepping back for perspective offers us the biggest reward.

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October 6, 2013

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Posted On : October 6, 2013