5 Ways Creative and Results Driven Marketing Can Work Together
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5 Ways Creative and Results Driven Marketing Can Work Together

There seems to be a false dichotomy that gets bandied about in meeting rooms, conversations over coffee and corporate email chains– that the notion of creative marketing and effective marketing are somehow incompatible. That results-oriented ideas can’t break new conceptual ground. That big ideas somehow die when put through the filter of “will it drive business?”.

Don’t buy into this thinking. In a time where digital tactics leave a rich trail of data and social platforms invite marketers to dynamically engage with customers and prospects, the age where creativity and results driven marketing can work together as partners has arrived.

So how can you get creative ideas to work hand-in-hand to deliver empirical results? Here are 5 things you can start doing today to empower and unite both results-driven managers and creative rock stars:

(1) Clearly Articulate How Your Marketing ‘Adds Value’ for Customers and Prospects.  This accomplishes two things– First, it forces you to acknowledge that you must provide something meaningful to customers. This filters out the bland ‘me too’ tactics that rarely resonate with customers. Second, it creates a high (and hopefully motivating) benchmark for your creative partners to work towards with concepting.

(2) Create Target Personas That Bring Your Prospects To Life. A well thought out target persona goes beyond demographics and bland definitions of job titles or life stages to really dimensionalize and bring your prospects to life as compelling characters. This sort of intimacy can inspire your creative team to pursue ideas that resonate on a deeper, more compelling level. Interviews, online research and simply tagging along with your sales team can provide opportunities to further embellish just who your customers are.

(3) Determine Shared Passions That Exist With Your Target Personas. As you bring your target personas to life, consider the passions they have that your company also shares. These can be solutions to problems that your customers care about and your company can help solve. But they can also be support for a charity, a sports team, or even a POV on how business should be done. Shared passions are the building blocks of powerful content marketing programs that will get your prospects learning, sharing and doing.

(4) Create Contact Marketing Programs, Not Tactics. Great content needs context, repetition and credibility to find its audience. And that requires time. One-off videos or single ebooks seldom generate the kind of returns needed to justify their investment. Invest in programs that will give you the breadth and depth of content to find its way to your audience– again and again.

(5) Embrace Inbound Marketing. Inbound Marketing will not only align your marketing and sales activities, but will provide an opportunity for your creative team to better understand how their abilities can drive results. This will get your designers and copywriters putting their creativity to use on how to best solve your business problems. And you’ll all be fired up to succeed!

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June 11, 2013

Posted On : June 11, 2013