5 Questions to Ask Before Investing in Marketing Content
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5 Questions to Ask Before Investing in Marketing Content

While content marketing is certainly trendy, the time and effort spent for creating said content is not always a good investment. YouTube is packed with branded “viral videos” that never garnered much of an audience. And the interwebs are filled with staid, practically abandoned corporate blogs and microsites that lost support and momentum well short of their intended goals.

To help set your company’s content marketing efforts up for long-term success. here are 5 questions to ask yourself before making that content marketing investment:


1. Are people online looking for solutions related to your product or service?

House painting. Wedding planning. Tax planning. These disparate categories have one thing in common—People looking for solutions from experts, with products or services at the heart of those answers. If your company offers a product or service that is part of a bigger solution, then consider using content marketing to showcase your expertise. Blog posts, videos, and social media platform using are prime areas to showcase your expertise through content.


2. Is the experience around your product or service visual?

Travel. Automobiles. Fashion—Aesthetics, are a key part of the experience in each of these categories, and thus images or video play a crucial role in conveying brand appeal. If aesthetics play a role in the category where you do business, you’ll want to make sure your content marketing efforts include creating images and/or video that put your product/service in the best possible light.


3. Are current customer recommendations important?

Some businesses live or die by customer recommendations. And for many, especially in the dining and hospitality space, the popularity of platforms like Yelp or Tripadvisor magnify the importance of garnering positive reviews to drive new business. But recommendations play a role in less obvious business categories as well. If word-of-mouth, affiliate introductions or existing customer testimonials drive a significant amount of business to your company, then consider using content marketing to showcase and amplify those recommendations.


4. Are you looking to get more prospects on to your email list?

Getting more prospects on to email marketing lists is a goal for many marketers. If so, blog content and videos hosted on targeted landing pages are great ways to capture the interest and attention of those prospects. And promoting that content through both paid and organic social media is great way to bring them onto your site.


5. Is your product/service tied to popular culture or news cycle trends?

Products/services often tie to bigger cultural or news trends. Was a well-known celebrity caught by paparazzi wearing your company’s apparel? A popular movie filmed in front of your restaurant? Does your company produce food or supplements that are part of a growing diet trend? Cultural trends or the news stories may offer opportunities for your company to create content that capitalizes on these happenings, and can be a great way to engage prospects.


Answering these questions before investing time and money into content marketing will help you focus your efforts in line with your marketing and broader business goals. Feel free to share your perspective in social media or the comments section.

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May 13, 2016

Posted On : May 13, 2016