Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Search Marketing (Google Adwords, Bing, etc.) is a valuable strategy in any serious lead generation effort. But if you are like many of us mere mortal marketers, you may be having difficulty finding that sweet spot that balances the quality and quantity of leads so critical to generating great results and a good ROI. You know the drill—You’ve done your research and testing, created killer ads, selected eye-popping landing pages and organized everything into neat campaigns using the latest best practices—And Snap, you’re off! And  . . . well  . . .  aah . . . um . . . you get plenty of traffic (and cost), but somehow it’s just not turning into as much business as it should.

We have found that the correct approaches to ad copy and landing page strategies are the keys to balancing the quantity and quality of leads. Good ad copy motivates and qualifies the searcher, discouraging unwanted clicks. A well thought out landing page pays off the ad copy and gives just enough information for the visitor to fill out a lead form, or make a call.

Here are a few essential ad copy tips that can start you on the path to better lead quality and lead volume that drives better PPC performance:

  • Introduce qualifiers. Some good examples- product price, product scope (for fleets of 50 trucks or more), product availability.
  • Mention awards or any special achievements. This re-enforces quality and premium and speaks to the serious buyer.
  • Include limited time offers and incentives to create a sense of urgency.

Always remember to restate or expand on your ad copy elements on the landing pages. Visitors are looking for continuity and reassurance that they have arrive at the right place.

Stay tuned. . . next time we’ll show how to apply a few Landing Page Strategies to enhance your PPC lead generation efforts and get things on track.


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